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I am very glad to see you visiting our Internet site. Our outscoring company made up of a team of experienced specialists is ready to solve your worries relating to business activities in the Czech republic in the economical, wage, accounting, tax, marketing as well as legal and general fields. As we assure our company is as good as its worst employee is. That is why we concern ourselves that all our specialists are on a very professional level, regularly trained and always accentuating customer´s satisfaction during every activity. I hope you accept the invitation to our company, where we may welcome you to a pleasant environment with maximum comfort, good atmosphere and excellent coffee. I believe you may become another of our satisfied customers.
Martina Baselova
Company Executives
Accounting and financial services
External preparation of accounting offers a client the posibility to get rid of worries and problems about running a business and enables him to fully concentrate on the development of his company. We provide our clients high-quality services, constantly improved expert knowledge of our qualified employees and up-to-date software and hardware equipment.
Payroll services
We offer not only wages calculation, but also consultancy in setting a company´s salary policy, labour and social costs optimalization and, in addition, assistance in solving human resources problems or setting internal regulations in the field of human resources and wages.
Tax consultancy
Tax consultancy means solving actual tax issues of a client, tax burden optimalization and appropriate assessment of single aspects of business in terms of tax legislative. This activity involves both skills and practical experience in dealing with tax offices. Our specialists are offering just the same services.
Other consultancy and services
One of the most important roles of accounting is to provide documentation for management decision. Economical analyses and structured information enable our clients to choose an optimal company strategy and thereby increase the company´s profits. The offer of clients´ representation at offices is also a time-saving service.
Auditing and legal services
Specialized services such as auditing and legal acts are also a part of our offer. We can offer a complete service to starting entrepreneurs including setting-up business and registration. We may provide assistance for well-established companies in the area of commercial or labour law, audits or expertise.
Benefits for you
A person who is an entrepreneur is above all supposed to carry business. Leave the other matters for us. We are insured, we pay all penalties. Check out our company, we can warrant your satisfaction. Our kind dealings are a matter of fact. Accounting and taxes in our place = your prosperity!
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